The Project

A celebrity comedian and his wife had bought a listed property with a huge hallway - all it needed was a show-stopping feature light.
The client had a clear vision of the type of chandelier they wanted for their expansive listed building hallway; they just couldn't find it.

Hours spent browsing online and trawling lighting shops saw them draw a blank, so they decided to redirect their search to bespoke lighting companies, bringing them to us.

“It is just what I imagined; both fabulous and staggering. When the sun comes in the crystals create rainbows right around the hall.”

The Outcome

Show-stopping design

The process stated with a design sketched out on paper. We took it away to come back with a CAD design that was perfect. The design was a three-tier crystal chandelier, 18 ft in length and bearing some 2000 jewels.

Handmade in Lancashire

The chandelier, handmade in Chantelle’s Nelson factory, took 3 months to create and the couple were invited to view it there before it was dismantled and transported carefully to their Manchester home.